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Mary Wareham, Executive Producer/Director
New Zealander Mary Wareham, 34 years, has worked for Human Rights Watch since 1998, serving as Global Research Coordinator of the highly acclaimed Landmine Monitor initiative of the International Campaign to Ban Landmines (ICBL), 1997 Nobel Peace Laureate. In addition to directing a far-flung network of 110 researchers in 90 countries, Mary serves as production manager for the initiative, which has produced six annual global reports since 1999 on a budget of approximately $1.5 million per report. Disarm is not, however, a film by ICBL or Human Rights Watch and Mary is engaged in the film in her personal capacity with complete editorial and financial independence, establishing a separate non-profit, Next Step Productions, to produce the film.

Brian Liu, Director/Director of Photography
Brian Liu, 34 years, has over a decade of experience as a creative director, designer and photojournalist with published work in a wide range of publications from The New York Times to Rolling Stone Magazine, and has done documentary photography assignments for clients including the U.S. Department of Agriculture, The Peace Corps, and Icelandair; and more recently DV documentary filmmaking for various independent productions (incl. "Still Fighting, A Veiled Afghan Democracy," "Burn To Shine," "Pancake Mountain") and for major music artists (incl. Thievery Corporation, Bright Eyes, The Faint). In addition to making his directoral debut with Disarm, Brian is the founder of ToolboxDC, a full service creative agency based in Washington DC. Toolbox DC had the specific responsibility to establish the visual identity of this film by providing creative direction and design (print, online, and film), as well as both still and motion photography.

Additional Crew

Áni Hassen Sveinsson, Editor
Áni Hassen Sveinsson is a graduate of the prestigious National Film School of Denmark and Prague's National Film Academy. A native of Iceland, Áni's first full-length documentary, In the Shoes of the Dragon, became the first Icelandic film ever to be banned. A film stars his sister, Hronn Sveinsdottir, who surprised both family and friends by taking part in the Miss Iceland beauty pageant. Initial release was delayed over six months and two lawsuits before the film finally premiered and ran in the cinema for over two months straight, ultimately winning Iceland's official Eddas award for "Best Documentary of the Year 2002."

Amy O'Byrne, Associate Producer
Since graduating from the Rhode Island School of Design in 2002, the multi-talented Amy O'Byrne has juggled multiple jobs in addition to producing and assisting in the editing of Disarm from the outset. She is part of the Monkeyboy team that produces the independent children's show Pancake Mountain, and has shot performances for Brendan Canty's Burn To Shine documentary series.

Chris Collins, Story Editor
While Chris Collins has a ten-year multi-media production background that spans music, television, film, stage, live productions and interactive projects, storytelling has always remained his core interest. Consequently, he has endured massive pay-cuts, unemployment and shied away from corporate opportunities to hone his screenwriting skills. Chris has recently found inspiration while freelancing for the writers' offices of HBO's "The Wire" and "The Sopranos." He is also working on a number of original screenplays.

Brendan Canty, Sound Designer
Brendan Canty is a long-established musician and sound designer. He is the drummer for Fugazi, from Washington DC, one of the most influential, independent rock bands of all time since their formation in 1987. The band has an enormous global fan base and is known for its unwavering ethics, fierce independence and social consciousness. In addition to scoring the Academy Award-nominated documentary "The Weather Underground," Brendan has recently created a DVD series titled Burn To Shine to help promote notable bands from various cities.

Katy Wood, Sound Mixer
Another native of New Zealand, Katy Wood took on the sound mix task for Disarm shortly after completing a four-year stint as part of the Academy award-winning sound team for Peter Jackson's famous "Lord of the Rings" trilogy. Dividing her time between three continents, Katy is currently preparing to start on Jackson's latest endeavor, a remake of the classic "King Kong."

Luc Vanheel, Sound Engineer
A Belgian, Luc Vanheel is a survivor of two landmine explosions, both of which occurred in Angola while working as a sound engineer for foreign news agencies. He received serious leg injuries in the second incident, in which the car he was riding in detonated an antivehicle mine killing his field producer and camera operator instantly. Vanheel has twenty years of experience as a sound engineer freelancing for news and documentary film crews in every region of the world. He currently resides in Battambang, one of the most mine-affected provinces of Cambodia.

Yana Gorbalenya, Field Producer Thailand Shoot
Gorbalenya is a documentary film direction graduate from the Institute of Television and Radio in Moscow, Russia. She has worked as a field producer for the History Channel, and has edited films for networks including BBC-America and Discovery Channel.

Gabrielle Weiss, Camera Operator Thailand
Weiss is a film/video graduate of the Rhode Island School of Design and the Cuban International School of Film and Television in San Antonio de los Banos. She has provided studio and field camera for numerous documentary films on subjects ranging ranging from the indigenous political movements in Bolivia to pre-revolutionary jazz dancers in Cuba.

Karin Hayes, Camera Operator Belarus
HBO/Cinemax has acquired "The Kidnapping of Ingrid Betancourt", the first major documentary film produced, directed, shot and edited by Hayes for broadcast in 2004. Hayes has worked on documentary films for the Cronkite Ward Television Company, the National Geographic Channel, PBS and other major networks.

Robby Myers, Field Producer Afghanistan
Myers plays sitar and guitar in two Washington DC bands: Thunderball and Thievery Corporation. He is part of a team that created Fort Knox Recordings in 2003.

Disarm was made possible by the generously time and support of hundreds of people around the world.


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